Anonymous Coins through Mining

Anonymous Coins through Mining

Newly created coins through mining are largely anonymous, as they cannot be associated with a specific financial transaction. Accordingly, coins obtained through mining are also better protected from government intervention and tracking by unknown third parties.

When mining on miner oasis, you can change the mining pool settings and thus the destination address (wallet) at any time as you wish, so you can also fill several different wallets with anonymous BTC, ETH or other cryptocurrencies over time.

The only “point of attack” would therefore still be the IP address when executing a transaction or payment with the coins. However, this problem can be easily solved via a VPN or when using Electrum (BTC wallet software) with the TOR network.

Why mined coins are better than mixers

Even mined coins are better and more secure than coins which have been “anonymized” by mixers. The biggest problem with “mixed” Coins is the blocking at larger exchanges. For example, some larger Bitcoin mixers have already been blocked by large platforms such as Coinbase in the past. The use of such mixers therefore poses a risk for the future that is difficult to calculate, because the origin of the “mixed” coins could become problematic.

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