Our ASIC Miner Hosting Partner: Endless Power Solutions with the Miner Oasis

Cheap ASIC Miner Hosting directly from the experts offers you many advantages and enables mining without technical know-how. We at Millionminer were able to negotiate a favorable framework agreement for our customers with our partner Endless Power Solutions. For example, it is possible to have the miners delivered directly to the Endless Power Solutions data center.

Why should you choose our partner Endless Power Solutions for hosting?

The Miner Oasis from Endless Power Solutions offers you everything you need:

  • low electricity costs from 0.09 USD/kWh for Millionminer customers (instead of 0.10 USD/kWh)
  • free delivery of miners via Millionminer
  • low stand rent
  • management and maintenance by experts
  • optimization also possible on request
  • redundant internet connection

Miner Hosting im Rechenzentrum

nuclear power plantEndless Power
Our data center is not only in the immediate vicinity of a power supply, it is directly connected to a nuclear power plant. Of course, we do not operate the nuclear power plant ourselves, but the location offers a great advantage. According to Ohm's law, the distance to the energy source also plays a major role, so if the power from the power plant is "scarce", the electricity flows first to our data center, because geographically we are simply right next to the power plant and the associated substation.

Emergency power supply
Of course, we have also considered the worst possible case: a complete power failure, e.g. because the power plant has to be shut down. For this unlikely case, we have invested in a redundant emergency power supply which is able to switch fully automatically to emergency power and mains power.

cooling system
Endless cooling capacity
We worked for a long time on a suitable cooling concept and finally decided to simply copy the cooling concept of many ASIC miners in superlative. What does this mean? Our cold air system ensures that every 2 seconds the entire air in the data center is completely exchanged, so that the best possible cooling performance is achieved without the use of environmentally harmful gases.

Fire protection system
In case of an unexpected fire we use a hardware friendly extinguishing system with gas to prevent unnecessary damage to the ASIC miners. Thus we can offer our customers the best possible security against fire damage.

high quality components
High quality components
Only high-quality components and circuits from renowned (German) manufacturers are used throughout the data center park. For the network components, only high-quality switches, cables and routers (Mikrotik) are used as well.

Internet Connection
The data center is connected to the outside world via a redundant (multiple) Internet connection, i.e. the Internet connection is maintained even if a network carrier malfunctions. The maximum speed is 100 Mbit/s per miner, although such bandwidths are not fully utilized for mining.

emergency plan
Prepared for anything!
Due to recent events, we have also prepared for political "difficulties" and social unrest. We are able to move our data center location completely in a few days.

Of course, the shielded data center park is monitored 24/7 by security staff and by camera.

You can also reach our partner Endless Power Solutions via their contact form.  
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