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Hosting, NFT or Cloud Mining - we cover all aspects of crypto mining and deliver directly to your doorstep.


Millionminer is your specialist cryptominer dealer and has years of experience in operating large crypto mining farms in their own data centers. We offer comprehensive advice on the purchase of new mining hardware including optimization and housing or hosting of your ASIC miners.

We operate several office locations in Germany, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.

We sell all kinds of asic miners (BTC, Ethash, KDA, Scrypt, Handshake, X11, Eaglesong & more) Check the webshop for all the available miners.

We offer comprehensive advice on the purchase of new mining hardware including optimization and housing or hosting of your ASIC miners. Hosting Partner: Endless Power Solutions

Chat and email support is available 24/7. Phone lines are open during normal business hours.

- one working miner
- a mining pool
- a solid power connection
- an internet connection



Yes, you can collect your order in person if you let us know in advance. and book an appointment in any of our offices.
Berlin Office: Schnellerstraße 60 - 12439 Berlin - Germany
Dubai Office: Office 101 - Building A2 - Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

You can check your previous orders on your account page, make sure to register to the webshop if you order miner from MillionMiner.

Go to your account page > open your order number:
1) Pending: We are still waiting to receive payment for the order
2) Invoice created: We have received the payment and currently processing the order and preparing it for dispatch, the invoice will be sent to you shortly!
3) Cancelled: We have cancelled your order due to not receiving any payment or upon your own request.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept payment for units that aren’t listed as available for pre-order on our website. Our weekly price list can be acquired via sign up to our newsletter.

Yes, our colleagues are eager to help you along the way, we can receive Whatsapp calls as well as international calls.

Unfortunately, we do not buy used miners on the open market.



We do shop all our packages with DDP Shipping, meaning our website prices contain ALL the fees to reach your doorstep. Delivery Duties Paid is a shipping method where we take care of all the possible fees to avoid you paying anything after you paid for your order at MillionMiner.

Payment is possible via SEPA/SWIFT bank transfer and of course also with cryptocurrencies (BTC, USDT & more).

-Choose language
-Choose payment method (bank transfer or crypto)
-Choose EUR or USD (depending on your order)
-For Bank Transfer: the beneficiary details will be shown in the page
-For cryptocurrency: the exact value in different crypto will be shown accordingly with our wallet adresses



The easiest way is to go to the "Hosted Miner" page and choose any miner from the category. The prices will show the up-to-date electricity rate (€/USD/kwh) as well as any fees that related to Hosting. Final prices will be contained within our final hosting agreement. Once your order status is "Paid" we will ship it directly to our Hosting Facility, all we need from you is your pool details so the miner can mine directly to you. We also provide free VPN access to all your miners.



We ship our products worldwide, however, as there a handful of countries where customs clearance can be slightly more difficult than the rest, we ask our customers to double check it via email or phone with us.

Our shipping time for in-stock products is ~1 week
For EU:
We provide tracking number for all shipments, but they only will be trackable once they reach the EU.

The shipping costs are already included in the price.

For deliveries to the European Union, North America and Canada, shipping costs, import sales tax and customs duties are included in the price. There are no additional costs. In the case of deliveries to other countries, additional costs may apply.



ASIC miners are built for longevity. Therefore, most miners will continue to be usable for years to come and provide profitability in the foreseeable future. Please take into consideration the profitability of ASIC miners is impacted by a number of things including: the mineable coins value, the power consumption and hashrate. For up-to-date information regarding the profitability of your chosen miner please visit our profit calculator page.

The bandwidth of your crypto mining will depend on some factors. Traditionally, crypto mining does not use a lot of bandwidth. There is no specific amount of bandwidth crypto mining uses. But, at an average, if you’re mining on your own, you will need a bandwidth speed of 15kbps for inbound transactions and 12kbps for outgoing transactions.

All ASIC miners sold by MillionMiner (if provided by the manufacturer) come with their original, only Chinese power outlet cables. As these cables are not fit for use in the rest of the world, sometimes, for safety measures, the manufacturer will not include their Chinese power outlets with the miner when shipping outside of China. Power cables suitable for European, UK, American or any other type of power sockets can be easily purchased online or at most electronics stores.
Below you can see which power supply cable is necessary for each type of ASIC miner:
C13 16-20amp Power Cable:
1) Bitmain
2) Innosilicon
3) IBeLink (BM-S1, BM-N1, BM-K1)

C19 16-20amp Power Cable:
1) Canaan
2) Goldshell (apart from Goldshell Mini-Box miners which need C13 power cables)
3) IBeLink (BM-N3, BM-K3)
4) Whatsminer
5) StrongU

We are happy to send you the manual by E-Mail.

Yes, there is a manufacturer's guarantee on all new devices (depending on the manufacturer, up to 12 months, but at least 6 months!). For used miners, the warranty period can be found in the description.


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