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Finding the most profitable miners has never been easier thanks to our innovative mining calculator. Whether you prefer to use USD, EUR, GBP, AED, CAD, AUD, THB, ETH, or BTC, our calculator has you covered. You can also set your electricity costs to three decimal places for added accuracy. To give you a comprehensive view, we've created an overview table of the top miners, as well as tables for each crypto algorithm. Identifying mineable coins for each algorithm is a breeze with our visually engaging coin images.


Kadena is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency miner algorithm that utilizes advanced blockchain technology to ensure fast, secure, and efficient transactions. Unlike traditional miner algorithms, Kadena incorporates unique features such as chain-of-blockchains, consensus protocol, and smart contracts, which allow for a scalable, low-latency network. Additionally, Kadena has implemented a secure computing platform, known as Pact, which is used to execute smart contracts and manage consensus. One of the key benefits of using Kadena is its ability to perform complex computations with ease, while still maintaining a high level of security. This is because Kadena’s consensus protocol uses a unique combination of proof-of-stake and proof-of-work, which ensures that the network is resistant to 51% attacks and other forms of malicious activity. Furthermore, Kadena’s chain-of-blockchains design allows for increased interoperability, enabling the integration of various other blockchain technologies into its network. Kadena’s smart contract capabilities are also noteworthy, as they provide a flexible and powerful platform for businesses to develop and execute complex business processes. This allows for a wide range of applications, from financial services to supply chain management and more. In conclusion, Kadena’s innovative approach to miner algorithms makes it an interesting player in the crypto space. Its advanced features and scalability make it a strong contender for businesses looking for a secure, efficient, and versatile blockchain platform.


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In both the daily and monthly profit figures, the electricity costs indicated have already been deducted.

Name Hashrate Power Electricity Costs/Month USD/Day (Profit)USD/Month (Profit)
iBeLink BM-K3 70Th/s3300W285.12-3.2-96
Goldshell KD-BOX 2 II Kadena 5Th/s400W34.56-0.43-12.9
Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) 166Th/s3154W272.515.87176.1
Goldshell KD5 Pro Kadena Miner24.5Th/s3000W259.2-6.43-192.9
iBeLink BM-K1 Max Kadena32Th/s3200W276.48-6.33-189.9
Goldshell KD Max 40.2Th/s3350W289.44-6.03-180.9
Goldshell KD6-SE KD6 Kadena miner Special Edition25.3Th/s2300W198.72-4.34-130.2
Goldshell KD Lite 16.2Th/s1330W114.91-2.37-71.1
Goldshell KD6 Kadena miner29.2Th/s2630W227.23-4.74-142.2
Goldshell KD-BOX Pro 2.6Th/s230W19.87-0.43-12.9
iBeLink BM-K1+ BM-K1 PLUS15Th/s2250W194.4-5.13-153.9
Goldshell KD-BOX KDA-BOX1.6Th/s205W17.71-0.45-13.5
Goldshell KD5 Kadena miner18Th/s2250W194.4-4.86-145.8
Goldshell KD2 Kadena miner6Th/s830W71.71-1.85-55.5
iBeLink BM-K1 5.3Th/s835W72.14-1.93-57.9

BTC/USD 51176 | BTC/EUR 47243 | ETH/USD 2962.67 | ETH/EUR 2734.99 | USDT/EUR 0.923248

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