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Get a quick and easy understanding of the most profitable miners with our mining calculator. You can switch between leading currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, AED, CAD, AUD, THB, ETH, and BTC with ease. Our calculator also offers the ability to set your electricity costs with precise three decimal place accuracy. To provide a comprehensive view, we've assembled an overview table of the top miners and tables for each crypto algorithm. Identifying mineable coins for each algorithm is a breeze with our visually appealing coin images.


Cryptonightr is a powerful mining algorithm utilized by Monero, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. This algorithm is renowned for its superior security and resistance to centralization and ASIC mining. This ensures that even those who invest in specialized mining hardware are unable to gain an unfair advantage. In addition, Cryptonightr employs the use of Ring Signatures, a cryptographic technique that allows for anonymous transactions on the Monero network. This provides an additional layer of security and anonymity for users, further bolstering the privacy features of Monero. Another unique aspect of Cryptonightr is its use of a memory-hard function, which makes it challenging for attackers to launch a 51% attack and manipulate the network. This further solidifies the security of Monero and ensures the integrity of the network. The use of Cryptonightr has made Monero one of the most secure and private cryptocurrencies in the industry. It is an attractive option for those who value privacy and security in their digital transactions. By utilizing this powerful algorithm, Monero ensures that users can conduct their transactions with confidence and without fear of surveillance or censorship.

Lethean LTHN Starcoin STC Sumocoin SUMO

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In both the daily and monthly profit figures, the electricity costs indicated have already been deducted.

Name Hashrate Power Electricity Costs/Month USD/Day (Profit)USD/Month (Profit)
Goldshell ST-BOX 13.92kh/s61W5.270.8826.4

BTC/USD 28351 | BTC/EUR 26336 | ETH/USD 1805.73 | ETH/EUR 1677.22 | USDT/EUR 0.934268

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