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Determining the most profitable miners is a breeze with our cutting-edge mining calculator. You can quickly switch between popular currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, AED, CAD, AUD, THB, ETH, and BTC with ease. Our calculator also offers the ability to set your electricity costs with three decimal places accuracy. To provide you with a complete overview, we've assembled an overview table of the top miners and individual tables for each crypto algorithm. With our intuitive coin images, identifying mineable coins for each algorithm has never been simpler.


Cryptonight's proof-of-work algorithm is captivating owing to its memory-hard architecture, which mandates a significant amount of memory to execute the mining calculations. This unique characteristic endows it with immunity to ASICs, specialized hardware devices that are meticulously optimized for cryptocurrency mining and can outperform standard computer hardware. A notable benefit of Cryptonight is its promotion of decentralization in the mining process. By eliminating the imbalanced advantage large mining operations would have over individuals with less potent hardware, the algorithm prevents centralization, thereby averting security risks that can result from centralization. In addition to promoting decentralization, Cryptonight's architecture is engineered to be lightweight and efficient, rendering it ideal for deployment on devices with restricted resources, such as mobile phones or IoT devices. This feature creates new prospects for decentralized mining and enhances the accessibility of cryptocurrency mining to a broader audience, potentially resulting in a substantial expansion of the adoption rate of cryptocurrency. It's important to mention that Cryptonight has undergone numerous enhancements and updates since its launch in 2013. The latest iteration, Cryptonight V8, has gained widespread adoption in several cryptocurrencies, including Monero and Bytecoin.

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In both the daily and monthly profit figures, the electricity costs indicated have already been deducted.

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Name Hashrate Power Electricity Costs/Month USD/Day (Profit)USD/Month (Profit)

BTC/USD 26454 | BTC/EUR 24544 | ETH/USD 1842.51 | ETH/EUR 1709.46 | USDT/EUR 0.926902

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