How is Bitcoin related with the so called darknet

How is Bitcoin related with the so called darknet

Have you ever heard of the Darknet? A place where all kinds of crazy and illegal things can be found on the internet, at least that’s what you probably think. When I first heard about it, I always wondered what it was exactly and how I could access it or what I would do if I found it, but I never got around to trying it out. Every time we hear about the Dark-Net on the news or in a movie, it’s probably about something illegal, but what exactly is the Dark-Net, and more importantly, what does it have to do with Bitcoin?

What is the Dark-Net?
The Dark-Net, sometimes called the Dark-Web, simply refers to websites or content that cannot be found through traditional search engines because it is hidden with encryption. This content can only be accessed using special browsers that allow the viewer to see the desired information. One needs not only a specific browser, but also a set of configurations, permissions and software to access the darknet. The darknet is about a high level of privacy and anonymity that is not available on traditional websites.

The term darknet became very popular after it was used by several news outlets to describe a series of crimes committed by Silk Road, a popular drug marketplace. However, the Darknet was originally intended to defend one’s digital rights and provide security and anonymity that allow users to bypass censorship, for example. Thanks to the anonymity it offers, the darknet has also been used by journalists and whistleblowers to communicate.

Unfortunately, despite its many advantages, the darknet has a bad reputation. These include, for example, that it is a criminal hub or online marketplace for illegal organ trafficking and sales, the sale of stolen information, and even human trafficking.

The Darknet and Bitcoin
The Darknet has always existed and was known for its anonymity, but since the invention of Bitcoin, the two have always been connected. The use of Bitcoin increased during the pandemic, when the number of cybercriminals using cryptocurrencies for their fraudulent activities surged. Bitcoin and other digital assets are used as payment for these fraudulent transactions. This is due to the anonymity of blockchain technology, which allows users to trade without being identified or the purpose of these transactions being questioned or investigated.

Bitcoins enjoy great popularity on the darknet, especially among sellers of illicit goods such as drugs, organs, weapons, and other illegal items. This makes it difficult for regulators to track down these criminals.

Even in modern times, there are still websites that sell illegal substances on the darknet using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a means of transaction.

It could be argued that the darknet has contributed to the growth and popularity of cryptocurrencies around the world and has driven up the value of these coins, but it has also given Bitcoin a bad reputation and put it in a bad light, especially in the minds of many uninformed citizens.

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