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mine without hardware

Many of our corporate customers ask us whether a proper invoice is issued. Of course, we provide our customers with a proper invoice for our cloud mining services - as with all other services.

of course with invoice

Many of our corporate customers ask us whether a proper invoice is issued. Of course, we provide our customers with a proper invoice for our cloud mining services - as with all other services.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining
Cloud Mining Rechner

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Higher yield

By using our optimized infrastructure and hardware, you typically achieve far higher yields and mining rewards compared to mining in a traditional pool with your own hardware - increases of up to 20% are possible! We pass these increases directly on to our customers.

Stable hashrates

The hashrate you choose is not subject to fluctuations due to faulty hardware, ambient temperatures, maintenance, and other external factors. Accordingly, compared to solo mining, you don't have to worry about anything.

No extra charges

With our cloud mining contracts, you pay no setup fees or additional maintenance and power costs. There are also no costs for spare parts. This makes our packages perfectly calculable for everyone.


No hardware

We guarantee the hashrate within our own network on our hardware - meaning you don't have to maintain any hardware or purchase a miner yourself.

Partner management

In addition to our pre-designed packages, custom hashrates, terms, contracts and agreements are also available


We offer very short minimum contract periods and at the same time the possibility to increase your booked hashrate at any time


Cloud Mining Prices

  • ~ 1 Antminer S19
  • no downtime
  • no maintenance
  • no electricity costs
  • no setup
Price at conclusion of contract*
Duration: 10 days
  • ~ 2.5 Antminer S19
  • no downtime
  • no maintenance
  • no electricity costs
  • no setup
Price at conclusion of contract*
Duration: 10 days
  • ~ 10 Antminer S19
  • no downtime
  • no maintenance
  • no electricity costs
  • no setup
Price at conclusion of contract*
Duration: 16 days
* Prices are determined on a daily basis before the contract is signed and are subject to natural fluctuation due to exchange rate changes. The price does not change during the contract period. We thereby offer you a unique price stability on the market.

Mine BTC in the Cloud

Bitcoin Mining in the Cloud

With our new cloud mining contracts we want to enable our customers to use millionminer's infrastructure and data centers in an uncomplicated way. Due to long-term contracts with our partners, we can now offer unique cloud mining packages for mining bitcoin.

  • Why unique? Our cloud mining packages are based on fixed terms and prices and are therefore transparently calculable for our customers.
  • Weekly payouts: Mining rewards in the form of BTC are paid out weekly/daily to your own bitcoin wallet, meaning you have the coins immediately in your own BTC wallet - we do not keep your coins.
  • Security: we already stand with our name as an established dealer for ASIC miners for several years. So you can be sure that mining rewards will actually be paid out with us.
  • No hidden costs: there are no hidden costs besides the package prices.

Why should you choose MillionMiner? Because we stand out with our transparent and stable prices over the entire contract period. There are no unpleasant surprises with us, because we know how important it is to keep an eye on costs. Our prices remain stable, so you can focus on your profits without worrying about price fluctuations.

With MillionMiner, you will receive weekly or even daily payouts directly to your personal bitcoin wallet. This means that you can have your earned money in your hands at any time. No long waiting times, no annoying paperwork. Just fast and uncomplicated.

earn bitcoin with a cloud mining contract
millionminer makes cloud mining easy
Cloud Mining Packages

Our stable hashrates and near-zero downtime are another reason why MillionMiner is the smart choice. You can count on your mining activities to run smoothly, without interruptions or time-consuming repairs. We'll make sure your mining is always running at full speed.

And here's the kicker: Compared to mining with your own hardware, MillionMiner saves you hidden setup fees and annoying maintenance costs. Our mining facilities are optimally equipped and ready to use, so you don't have to worry about expensive hardware or its maintenance.

Flexibility is important to us, which is why we offer short contract terms. You are in control and can decide how long you want to use our packages.

BTC Cloud Mining FAQ

We calculate the prices based on daily exchange rates before the contract is signed, i.e. the prices are subject to constant fluctuations.

No, the prices for our mining packages do not change during the term. However, the fees for the contract are fully due in advance. Through this, we offer you maximum price stability.

No, there are no hidden fees or extra charges with our packages.

For our smallest package the minimum contract period is 6 months and for all other packages the minimum contract period is 3 months. This minimum contract period is necessary to waive setup fees.

No, the contract does not renew automatically. However, you can sign additional contracts or add Hashrate at the current daily prices at any time.

For cloud mining, all we need from you is the booking of a package and a bitcoin wallet address to which your mining proceeds will be sent fully automatically. The payout is weekly or daily, depending on the package.

No, you don't rent any miners from us - much better: you get a guaranteed hashrate from our own miner network, which means there are no fluctuations in the hashrate.

Currently we are still working on the final details for our new cloud mining packages. Very welcome to subscribe to our newsletter or leave us a message/email directly to pre-register you.

Yes, small discounts and also special conditions are possible for particularly high hashrates.

Through our experience, we can achieve between 5 and 20 percent additional performance. Even with a constant hashrate, our network achieves above-average block rewards. We do not retain the additional rewards achieved, but distribute these additional revenues to our customers. This makes it possible to achieve even higher mining revenues compared to normal mining.