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If you want to invest in cryptomining we offer the best branded hardware at affordable prices & free shipping!

We are an international technology company with years of experience in mining cryptocurrencies.

We operate numerous mining projects and manage a large number of ASIC miners for ourselves and our customers.

We would like to offer this know-how to our customers in the area of miner hosting and in the consultation regarding the purchase of new cryptominers.

From miner purchase, hosting, cloud or NFT-Mining, we cover all aspects of crypto and deliver it directly to your doorstep, so you can enjoy worry free cryptocurrency mining from as little as 100 USD.

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We are proud to work with the best employees to achieve all our goals.

Our Professional Team ensures that all our customers recieve the best service. We provide up to date information about the Crypto World.


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For more on our booth at Mining Disrupt, check out our blog (click here).
  We have been active on the market for some time now and can also point to several mentions on well-known YouTube-Channels such as VoskCoin or Mr. Mining.



Also we offer a wide range of videos on our own YouTube-Channel