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ETC or Ethereum Classic can be mined with GPUs and special ASIC miners, the latter being the more effective method in many cases. The miners from Innosilicon play a special role here. The speed of ether mining is given in MH / s. We are happy to help you at any time if you have any questions.

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ethereum classic ethash Miner
Ethash is a modified version that eliminates the computational overhead of the predecessor algorithm, Dagger-Hashimoto. The program uses a large data set that is created at regular intervals and grows larger over time. However, it is small enough to fit into the VRAM of a modern GPU and thus enabled mining by GPU before the advent of ASIC miners. Today, GPU mining is unprofitable and it is recommended to use more efficient ASIC miners instead.

Ethash was the proof-of-work mining algorithm of Ethereum. However, the proof-of-work algorithm has been completely shut down, and Ethereum is now backed by the proof-of-stake algorithm.

Ethash continues to be used for other proof-of-work algorithms, such as Ethereum Classic. ETC follows Bitcoin's philosophy and does not intend to switch to proof-of-stake, but to remain permanently available to miners. Ethereum Classic continues the original, unchanged history of the Ethereum network. The main Ethereum project network was originally released on July 30, 2015 with Frontier.