THE alternative to buying anonymous Bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies)

There are several ways to obtain anonymous Bitcoins and other coins, which also have several vulnerabilities. We would like to briefly explain these ways and the associated risks here.

Basically, there are 3 methods to buy Bitcoins anonymously:

  • Using a mixer
  • Buying at a Bitcoin/Crypto ATM
  • Mining coins yourself

Bitcoin and other currencies, as everyone knows, are based on a blockchain – meaning all previous transactions are publicly viewable

This becomes a problem especially when using mixers, as the amount deposited and paid out can also be tracked across multiple (and even different) wallets. Better mixers therefore rely on time delay and splitting into multiple transactions. But even these transactions could be tracked with enough computing power and know-how one day.

The alternative is to buy from a vending machine. Unfortunately, however, there have been many changes in this area recently as well, and for higher amounts, deposits are no longer possible without proper proof of identity.

Crypto ATM


In addition, there is always the risk of a logged IP address when signing a transaction on the network

So what is the safest solution to obtain anonymous Bitcoins and other cryptos?

The solution is relatively simple: simply mine the coins yourself!

This creates almost new coins, so to speak, “almost” because the mining pool receives the coins first, of course, which are then paid out to the miners.

How is the problem with the IP address solved?

Here the use of a VPN is a good solution. Miners (of all manufacturers) also work with the appropriate router via a VPN (we also have a separate article on this). In addition, the popular Electrum can also be used as a wallet, e.g. for Bitcoin. The advantage of Electrum as a wallet is the availability of the TOR network, i.e. a connection is never established directly to the BTC network

All that is required is to download and launch the TOR browser. In Electrum, the proxy is then activated under the settings.

Electrum Tor Proxy

Electrum Proxy Settings

A logging of your real IP is thus excluded both when mining and when paying (with Electrum at BTC).

The only remaining risk is with your VPN provider – which can of course be reduced by a good choice.

How can I get a miner at a reasonable price?

The newer models with high efficiency are of course more expensive, but if the goal is anonymity, profitable efficiency doesn’t even need to be there. Purely logically, it is enough if the cost of electricity can be converted into anonymous BTC, ETH, etc.

Of course, older and used models from Bitmain and Innosilicon are perfect for this. Therefore, we at Millionminer not only offer new goods, but also used miners (to the store – click here). Of course, our miners are tested again for function before shipping and the test is documented by video.

ByNevio Claas

Update for the delivery of the Bitmain Antminer L7

Where’s the Bitmain Antminer L7?

Many pre-orderers are currently wondering where the Antminer L7 they have ordered is.
The Bitmain Antminer L7 with 9.5GH or 9.16GH each was offered via Bitmain for November and December batches.
Not a single copy has been delivered worldwide (as of: 03/01/2022).
There is still no final information on the delivery of the L7 from Bitmain.

We investigated this question and found surprising information about the whereabouts of the L7:

But let’s start at the beginning:
Why was and is there a delay in the delivery of the miner? Pre-orderers who inquire directly at Bitmain currently all receive the same answer.
Due to the global semiconductor and chip shortage, Bitmain does not receive the desired amount of chips to produce the miners on time. Then there is the conflict with China. After the Chinese government banned the mining of cryptocurrency, Bitmain suspended the sale of the miners for the time being and planned to relocate its factories from Shenzhen (China) to Malaysia.

But are these really the only reasons for the miner’s delay?

Bitmain has had late deliveries in the past, which were not necessarily related to the lack of chips.
So the Antminer T19, which was announced for June 2020, has been postponed by 3 months.
The reason for this was an internal dispute and power struggle between the two CEOs of Bitmain (Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan), who have been arguing since 2019 about who is the sole managing director of Bitmain.
After Jihan Wu was forced to give up his post, he retaliated and attempted a coup by stabbing the branch with guards while Zhan was on a business trip.
Both managing directors caused such violent unrest in the company that even the employees no longer knew who the managing director was.
As a result, not only did one of the largest IPOs (Bitmain) in China burst, but Bitmain lost some of its goodwill, trust and, above all, seriousness.
But Bitmain (2018) also developed an ASIC miner for Monero (X3) in the past, which at the time was much more effective than GPUs and CPUs at the time.

Through a reader we were able to find a surprising post on Reddit by a user (Straight_Media3392):

In the post, the user describes the following:
If you look at the chart on the pool provider LITECOINPOOL, you will find a user named “andyputra” who has a total hashrate (alltime) of 69289566000 GH at a current hash speed of 8578GH / s (equivalent to approx. 902 Bitmain L7 9.5GHs).

Using the formula:

Total Hash = Speed ​​x Time or Total Hash: Speed

The following results:
Time = 69289566000: 8578 = 8 077 589 sec.
8 077 589 sec = 93 days

In other words, the total hashrate was mined within 93 days. If the user “andyputra” is actually BITMAIN, it can be assumed that the miners are currently operated by Bitmain in order to generate profits.
Should this actually be Bitmain, this shows again that Bitmain has hardly learned despite the past and continues to make profit at the expense of its customers.

To draw a conclusion at this point:
If this is actually BITMAIN, it must be said that in view of the past events this is a serious breach of trust. But there is hope because Bitmain doesn’t seem to understand one thing!
In the past there was hardly any competition for Bitmain, as there were hardly any other ASIC miner manufacturers.

But in the meantime manufacturers such as Goldshell, Canaan and IBELINK have established themselves (also owe Bitmain) and are very reliable with pre-orders such as the KD5 and the recently released CK6.
In conclusion, the question remains how Bitmain customers will react to this misconduct in the future.


Happy Christmas

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