Case study: Investment opportunity with the Antminer S19j Pro


Case study: Investment opportunity with the Antminer S19j Pro

We present an attractive investment opportunity available exclusively on Currently, we offer a package of 10 Antminer S19j Pro, each of which achieves an impressive hash rate of 120 TH/s. The price for this package is around 20,000 USD.

The offer can be found here:

While the immediate return on this investment may not be the highest, there are compelling reasons to consider it carefully.

Earning potential: by purchasing these 10 devices, you can expect monthly earnings of around 0.102 to 0.115 BTC. At the current exchange rate of 0.11 BTC for 2,970 USD, this translates into a substantial monthly return.

Electricity costs: running these devices is possible with our special hosting electricity rate of only 0.08 USD in Dubai. This results in a constant monthly charge of $1,932 USD.

Profit margin: taking into account the above mentioned revenue and electricity costs, the monthly profit is estimated at $1,037 USD.

However, it is important to consider the possible impact of an increase in the bitcoin price. For example, if the value were to rise again to $60,000, there should inevitably be a significant boost in the profitability of this investment.

Revenue potential: if the bitcoin price were to rise, the monthly revenue from the 10 devices would be around 0.102 to 0.115 BTC, but this would now equate to a return of 6,600 USD.

Electricity cost: however, the electricity cost would remain unchanged at only 0.08 USD, resulting in 1,932 USD per month.

Profit margin: In this scenario, your monthly profit would increase to 4,668 USD.

Looking at such a scenario in the future, it is expected that a single miner would trade for about 10,000 USD, while the bundle set we offer would likely be worth about 100,000 USD. This projection shows the potential for a significant increase in the value of your investment – in addition to the considerable increase in revenue mentioned in the input.

If you have any questions regarding our Bitcoin Miner offers, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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