BladeBit – is XCH Chia Farming still profitable?


BladeBit – is XCH Chia Farming still profitable?

With BladeBit, Chia plots can now be created in an extremely short time. Initial reports estimate 5 to 8 minutes per plot. Previously, farmers needed about 5 to 8 hours to plot a k32 plot and about 4.5 hours using a ramdisk.

That now plots could be created within 5 to 8 minutes should unsurprisingly lead to further problems. For BurstCoin, plotting too quickly has already been the downfall in the past.

The Chia Network Blockchain is designed for “proof of space and time”. However, due to these extremely short “plot times”, “Proof of Time” is completely disrupted.

This development also seems to be already evident in the latest price data. So we can remain curious how the Chia Network will react to this new development.

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