Bitcoin mining becoming profitable again?


Bitcoin mining becoming profitable again?

Bitcoin mining earnings last increased tremendously in July 2021 due to a lowered difficulty level and are currently still below the level of May 2021.

The drop in the difficulty level was significantly influenced by the government of China. Because this strived in recent times to ban commercial and private mining farms. As a result, fewer miners participate in the network, causing the difficulty level to drop and earnings to rise.

As a result, many Chinese mining farms have moved to neighboring Kazakhstan and other threshold countries. However, these plants consume so much electricity there that Kazakhstan has decided to ration the available electricity. This makes market participation much more difficult for the old big players from the Far East.

This is a unique opportunity for European and American companies and private individuals in particular in a highly interesting market.

Because not only the profit in Bitcoin mining has increased, but also the prices for popular ASIC miners from e.g. Bitmain and Canaan have dropped significantly and are finally available again in sufficient quantities.

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