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Investment Fraud? Bitmain sells KASPA Miner KS3 despite network takeover

As a professional provider of mining hardware, we observe the market very closely and would like to offer our customers comprehensive advice. Recently, we have received a lot of customer inquiries about the Bitmain Antminer KS3. An ASIC miner for the cryptocurrency KASPA (KAS).

We advise our customers not to purchase this device at this time. For this reason, we will not be offering KS3 miners for sale in the near future.

Why we do not offer Antminer KAS Miner KS3

Currently, the KAS3 miner is offered by Bitmain for 49,800 USD as a pre-order:

If we take a closer look at the network hashrate of the Kaspa network we notice that the mining performance in the network skyrocketed:

The current hashrate of the entire network is thus around 1210 TH/s. From the graph above, we can see that Bitmain probably started mining in March 2023 with numerous antminers. The further increase of about 66% suggests that Bitmain currently has about 95 KS3 miners – with 8.3 TH/s each and thus a total of 800 TS/hs (rounded) – in use.

KASPA network may no longer be decentralized

We must therefore assume in the worst case that the KASPA network is no longer decentralized, if Bitmain actually provides and thus controls 800 TH/s of the total network performance of 1200 TH/s.

In this case, a 51% attack and takeover of the network would also be conceivable.

So why no buy recommendation?

The current profitability for KS3 Miners is remarkable (according to asicminervalue):

Thus, a profit of 2300 USD per day and about 70,000 USD per month is reported.

However, if the network is indeed currently mostly controlled by Bitmain, the actual value of KAS should go towards 0.00 USD.

However, in the event that the price value is assumed despite the takeover of the network, the question arises whether the price will not collapse shortly after delivery. As a reminder, 95 miners already correspond to a performance of about 800 TH/s, thus the entire current network performance of 1200 TH/s can be provided by 145 miners.

Assuming Bitmain were to ship only 1,450 more units to customers (which would be roughly 10 times the current global hashrate), profitability would drop by a factor of 10. However, it is likely that Bitmain will ship more than 1,450 miners.

If we deviate and assume that Bitmain would ship 5,000 devices, profitability would have to drop by a factor of 34. At the current monthly profit of about $60,000, profits would suddenly drop to just $2,000 per month.

Bitmain walks the line

It could therefore be that Bitmain is currently intentionally using very few miners to mine itself in order to keep profitability artificially high. The price of 49,800 USD, which is too high in our opinion, would otherwise hardly be demanded.

Bitmain thus consciously accepts that all those who pre-order this miner are exposed to a risk of extremely high losses. Since the topic is extremely complex and influenced by many factors, this is hardly apparent beforehand, especially for new investors, and the supposedly high profitability motivates many to place a pre-order. This inexperience could possibly be shamelessly exploited by Bitmain. Of course, we cannot accuse Bitmain of fraud, since experienced miners certainly know how profitability is calculated and would refrain. However, the very high pre-order price of 49,800 USD shows that Bitmain is definitely only targeting inexperienced new investors here (who could possibly lose a lot of money).

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you get a free consultation from us before investing in crypto mining. In retrospect, bitcoin mining (including ASIC MINER HOSTING) has always been the best decision and should be for the future.

The assumptions made here are derived from publicly available data. We would like to emphasize that we cannot accuse Bitmain of any illicit behavior and that it is merely a possibility why the hashrate on the network has increased so much. It is also possible that the increase in the hashrate on the Kaspa network occurred due to other circumstances and that our assumptions are incorrect.


Case study: Investment opportunity with the Antminer S19j Pro

We present an attractive investment opportunity available exclusively on Currently, we offer a package of 10 Antminer S19j Pro, each of which achieves an impressive hash rate of 120 TH/s. The price for this package is around 20,000 USD.

The offer can be found here:

While the immediate return on this investment may not be the highest, there are compelling reasons to consider it carefully.

Earning potential: by purchasing these 10 devices, you can expect monthly earnings of around 0.102 to 0.115 BTC. At the current exchange rate of 0.11 BTC for 2,970 USD, this translates into a substantial monthly return.

Electricity costs: running these devices is possible with our special hosting electricity rate of only 0.08 USD in Dubai. This results in a constant monthly charge of $1,932 USD.

Profit margin: taking into account the above mentioned revenue and electricity costs, the monthly profit is estimated at $1,037 USD.

However, it is important to consider the possible impact of an increase in the bitcoin price. For example, if the value were to rise again to $60,000, there should inevitably be a significant boost in the profitability of this investment.

Revenue potential: if the bitcoin price were to rise, the monthly revenue from the 10 devices would be around 0.102 to 0.115 BTC, but this would now equate to a return of 6,600 USD.

Electricity cost: however, the electricity cost would remain unchanged at only 0.08 USD, resulting in 1,932 USD per month.

Profit margin: In this scenario, your monthly profit would increase to 4,668 USD.

Looking at such a scenario in the future, it is expected that a single miner would trade for about 10,000 USD, while the bundle set we offer would likely be worth about 100,000 USD. This projection shows the potential for a significant increase in the value of your investment – in addition to the considerable increase in revenue mentioned in the input.

If you have any questions regarding our Bitcoin Miner offers, please feel free to contact us at any time.


millionminer at the mining disrupt 2022

At the end of July, the most important international companies met at the largest Bitcoin mining fair in Miami – the Mining Disrupt. Of course, we from were also represented there. At this year’s fair, thousands of visitors were looking forward to an informative trade show with strikingly innovative booths. The focus of Mining Disrupt, is on the B2B sector, which is why we from had to be there. For us, this was another opportunity to establish international contacts and maintain existing business relationships, as well as to acquire new customers.

Despite the high number of visitors at our booth, we were able to answer all questions about our products and received positive feedback.

Our booth at Mining Disrupt 2022

Visitors were particularly interested in our Bitmain Antiminer L7 9.05, which can also be found on our homepage. Also with our service offers, especially in the area of Asic hosting (from 0.09 USD per KWh) and the many advantages we offer, we could convince the participants of us. Often there was positive feedback on the profitability table, with which one can calculate the daily profit of our different devices at a self-selectable electricity price, in order to be able to carry out a more exact cost-benefit calculation. However, there was great praise not only for our offerings, but also for the company itself. We were also able to hold many in-depth discussions with our existing customers. The familiar atmosphere also resulted in important exchanges of valuable information and with some companies a future cooperation was very much welcomed by both sides. Of course, our team also had the opportunity to visit other booths and we were pleased with the variety and the offers of the participating exhibitors.

Additionally, those interested in ASIC miner hosting were able to learn more about the Miner Oasis from our hosting partner Endless Power Solutions.

At our booth our customers could benefit from a direct consulting service

But not only the promising companies, also the fair itself offered unique insights into modern as well as historical technology. For example, “The Coin Dad” realized a museum, which exhibited many special Bitcoin miners from days gone by. The presentations at Mining Disrupt were also very well structured and informative.

What new business relationships were formed during Mining Disrupt, the evaluations and also the near future will show. However, our team is very positive and looking forward to the next Mining Disrupt, which will take place from July 25-27, 2023.